Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wool Dryer Balls!

This was one of the most fun projects I've completed in a while.  These are wool dryer balls that you put in the dryer with your washed clothes and they are supposed to cut drying time and static by quite a bit!  They are super easy and fun to make. 

Black yarn balls

There are several tutorials out there, but basically, you wrap feltable wool yarn (not superwash) into balls, stick them in pantyhose or tights and wash and dry them a few times.  Voila!  Dryer balls!

I have a lot of black wool yarn, but wanted my balls colorful, so I used black wool for the middle then covered them with fun colored wool yarn. 

Black no more!

Wrapped in tights

Dryer Balls!

 They are so cool!  We tossed them around for a while.  Doug juggled them.  Lucca wanted to play fetch with them.  I think I need to make a basket full.  They are way better than stress balls!

Our Sweet Pup, Lucca

Have you ever made and/or used wool dryer balls?  What do you think?

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  1. That's pretty neat. I tried the trick the other day with out large dog bed where you put a thick dry towel in the dryer with the wet stuff. I was amazed how much quicker the bed got dry.