Hi - I'm Melissa!

My name is Melissa and I love to make things, I love to share what I make and I love to chat! As long as I can remember, I've loved to make things.  When my grandma told me about how she would make dolls out of sticks when she was a girl because they couldn't afford to buy dolls, I got excited to make my own stick doll.  She taught me to crochet and I always received handmade gifts from her for Christmas. 

My mom was always making something when I was little....clothes for me, clothes for my dolls, hand painted baby bottles....she even sold large quantities of baby bottles to our local department store, The Bon Marche.  Each year she would put on a holiday boutique, selling her handmade items for Christmas money. 

Being surrounded by creative women all of my life, it's no surprise that I love being creative myself.  I wholeheartedly believe that it is important to do what you love.  I love being a mom and a wife.  I love being at home and I love to express my creativity. 

I also believe it is important to add value to other people.  I truly hope that my blog somehow adds value to your life.

Thanks so much for dropping by! 

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