My Gigi Dolls

I love designing the My Gigi Dolls and their clothes and accessories!  I started making dolls when I learned I was going to be an auntie again.  I decided to make my new niece a doll and I was hooked.  

I have been inspired by the sweet faces of the vintage dolls...the big eyes and lashes, the tiny noses and rosebud lips.  But mostly I've been inspired by my daughter and the other little girls in my life.

There are six dolls in the original My Gigi Doll line and they are each based on a girl dear to my heart.  The star of the show, Gigi, is based on my daughter whom we adopted from China as a baby.  I also custom make "Gigi Like Me" dolls that are based on a girl dear to your heart. 

I will be adding new doll editions as often as possible.  I have so many fun ideas!

Making the My Gigi Dolls eco-friendly and as natural as possible (including stuffing them with carded wool) is very important to me and I'm continuing to find new ways to accomplish this. 

Here are some of the My Gigi Dolls I've made:

And, my inspiration, Gigi:

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  1. These are very sweet. Do you still sell them?