Tuesday, February 26, 2013


I have so many doll ideas.  There is a list on the wall of my studio (yeah, dining room) with lots and lots of ideas.  Between filling doll orders,  wanting to work on things other than dolls, and life, it's not often I get around to making something new for My Gigi Dolls.

So, these days, inspiration to make something new for the dolls comes from my customers!  This dress turned out so cute!  A woman ordered a doll and asked if I could make a dress for the doll based on a dress her niece wore.  

I really hope she likes it.  I LOVE it! 

And, now it's in the My Gigi Doll Etsy shop!

In your creative endeavors, what inspires you to actually create something new?


  1. First, LOVE the doll! The dress is adorable, and that is a *great* idea!!

    Second, inspiration....I am laughing at how you worded the question, because it is SO TRUE!! What inspires me? But what inspires me to *actually* make something new?? LOL!! Yep, 2 very different questions, LOL!

    For me, definitely the push is my kids. I have a notebook and stack of note cards (and a Pinterest board....) with inspiration/ideas that may or may not ever see the light of day. I've bought fabric for some of them, and have committed (mostly) to not buying new fabric until the shelves are empty of projects-in-waiting and instead hold finished quilts. Ha! Theoretically I can get through all of that this year.......

    When my boys ask for things, though, I stop and make what they want. "Link" character hats for a bday gift, "chain mail" tunics for Halloween, etc....

    For other stuff, I get inspiration everywhere. Fabric colors, stained glass windows, wrought iron gates, cobble stone sidewalks.....(sigh).

    1. Haha, Heather! They're all just ideas until you actually do something, right? :) I love your inspiration!