Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Little Protoge...

My daughter Gianna has caught the sewing bug! Her first project was a pillow and now she has decided to make a little cosmetics pouch. 

I checked out several sewing books from the library and one that I particularly love is I Heart Patchwork:  21 Irresistible Zakka Projects to Sew by Rashida Coleman-Hale. From this book, I learned that Zakka is "...an aesthetic and design style, mainly folcused on household items that enhance one's environment...A lot of handmade Zakka is created with linen and has an organic look."  (Page 7)

When Gianna came to me a few days ago asking to start a new project, I had her look through the library books to see if anything interested her. She chose the cosmetics pouch out of the I Heart Patchwork book. 

Here are the fabrics she chose:

I had to help her cut the pieces out since she has no experience with a rotary cutter and she was really having trouble with it. I think maybe I'll see if she wants to work on an improv log cabin quilt, like my kitchen mat, to get some experience when precision isn't important. 

I love the colors and fabrics she chose. The pouch in the book uses a natural linen where Gianna chose solid purple. Which means....more linen for me! Yay! 

Yes, the project is beyond her experience, but that certainly hasn't deterred her. That's my girl!

Since we have just enough linen for another one of these little cosmetics pouches, I'm going to make one. 

 I think I will use bright solids - maybe all purples - instead of prints. 

Are your kids interested in your passions?


  1. I love this! My middle son is just getting into sewing; he has done a coaster (for his dad) and a small wall-hanging (well, he designed and did part, I helped) for his brother. I love that he wants to share this hobby with me!

    Looks/sounds like a fantastic book, and I can't wait to see her finished project!

    1. How fun, Heather! Isn't it fun for them to see things they've made? I was worrying today about helping her too much and realized that she chose the fabrics, is doing most of the sewing and ironing. She will feel very accomplished when it is finished!

      Hmmm...sewing in a zipper will be interesting.

  2. My daughter got my old sewing machine. It's in her room. She loves creating and she's still young enough to be intrepid. I hope to get her a nice new machine one of these days.

    1. I would say the cost of fabric is what keeps me from being more intrepid! But, for being creative, it sure is the way to be!

  3. Love your daughter's project. :)
    And I am going looking for that book.
    My 10 year old wants to sew and thus far has made a pillow case. He also wants into my tubs of fabric. My kid world and my craft world are colliding. LOL

    1. Andrea! I know what you mean! It is SO much easier to just create things all on my own and not have to worry about kids digging around in my stash. But, when she looks up at me from sewing and says, "Mom, I love you." it makes it all worth it!