Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New Ironing Board Cover!

This morning I re-covered just about the most boring item in my house:  my ironing board.  I noticed how ugly and stained it was as I was taking tutorial pictures.  



Something had to be done and I have more Amy Butler Love Water Bouquet in Midnight than I know what to do with.

(The curtains were, well, a...BIG whoops!)

An ironing board cover would be a much better project for the Water Bouquet...don't you think?  

I found this tutorial and went to work.  It was a very easy tutorial and I love my Midnight Water Bouquet ironing board!  


Now, I am off to work on writing out my twirl skirt tutorial.  It's my very first tutorial and the details are stressing me out a bit.  I think I'll just bite the bullet and start writing!

And, oh, here's a jar of the yummiest raw honey in Arizona!


  1. great fabric! I can see how in a floor length curtain maybe it would be too much, but on the ironing board - perfect!

    Looking forward to the skirt tutorial when you get it posted :-) I have a new little niece I would love to sew for!

    1. Yeah, as long curtains it was pretty bad. :) I'm off to work on the tutorial right now. Hoping to have it finished this afternoon. (fingers crossed!)


  2. I finished my ironing board cover! Thought I'd let you know. And thank you for more inspiration. My next project: Bottled Rainbows. woo hoo