Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Easy Seed Stich Dishcloth {Tutorial}

This will likely be the easiest tutorial I ever write.  

Most knitters could very easily figure this one out, but I kept forgetting how to make it and couldn't find a pattern, so I'm making one!  Probably as much for me as for you.  


- cotton yarn
- knitting needles in the size recommended on the yarn label
- tapestry needle for weaving in ends

A note about cotton yarn:  I usually use sugar 'n cream or peaches 'n cream...the stuff you find at Michael's (and, of course, I always want to call it, "cookies 'n cream").  But, even more lovely to  work with is Pima cotton.  I found a nice one that comes in great colors at my LYS (local yarn shop).  I also heard from a very reliable source (an online friend!), that Hempathy is wonderful for dishcloths!

Got your supplies?  


Cast on 39 stitches (or any odd number)

All rows:  k1, p1

Cast off when dishcloth is the size you want it to be and weave in ends

See?  Wasn't that easy? 

Let me know if you make any!  


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