Friday, December 7, 2012

Artist's Smock for Little Claire...

I've been really excited to blog about what I made for my youngest niece Claire for Christmas.

I'm excited because it's such a cute pattern, but mostly because I get to show off how STINKING adorable Claire is!

That's Claire getting her first haircut.

Adorable, right?

I bet you wish you looked that good in jeggings!

 "Yeah, I'm just hangin' out, bein' cute."

Are you dying of cuteness yet?

Trust me, I could post a million pictures of Claire, but there is an ever-so-slight-chance that you all would not enjoy that as much as I would.

But, you have to admit that a cutie pie as adorable as Claire really needed a super duper cute handmade Christmas gift, right? 

Then, read on...

As soon as I saw the artist's smock pattern in Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee, I knew I would be making one for Claire.

The smock is designed to fit ages 2-6, so it needs to last, which is why I chose navy blue kona cotton instead of white for the main color. 

Since Claire will be spending Christmas at Grandma and Papa's home in Italy, rather than embroider "L'aritiste" on the smock as the book directs, I chose to go with Italian and embroider, "L'artista".  

The pattern really was very easy to follow.  There were a few techniques that I had never done before and the directions made it very easy to follow.  

I would say that a beginner could definitely make this smock.

Here are full photos of the front and back:

I love how it just slips over the head with no fasteners to worry about.  It can easily be hung from a hook.  And, it grows with the child.

It's really a great pattern!

 I'm trying to do some re-usable gift wrapping this year and I thought the perfect little bag to wrap Claire's smock in is this one that I made using Jeni's Lined Drawstring Bag Tutorial.

So fun!

I'd love to hear how cute you think Claire is too, so feel free to comment.  ;)