Thursday, April 5, 2012

Melissa Loves Color? What about My Gigi Doll?

I made my first doll last year when my brother and sister-in-law found out they were having a baby girl.  I made the Ruby Doll from One Red Robin.  Aside from the time I spent cursing the darn tutu while turning the Ruby Doll inside out (yes, I had to add a fluffy tutu!),  I really enjoyed making the doll.

All it took was, "You should sell these on Etsy" for me to jump in with both feet, Googling my way to doll making expertise.

Exaggeration?  Of course.  I'm no expert.  But, I did spend hours and hours finding out all I could about making dolls.  I read blogs.  I bought and tested patterns to learn techniques.  I made LOTS of really terrible looking dolls.  And I finally made a doll I loved:  My Gigi Doll.

Making My Gigi Dolls is a ton of fun.  Quite frankly I’m surprised I still love making them, but I do.  There is just something about creating a doll that will be loved by a child that feels magical.  And, I get to play with all of that fun fabric!

So, I chose to name my blog "Melissa Loves Color" because I decided that since all my life I have loved color, I will probably keep on loving color.  Sharing how I relate to and craft with color seems like something I can stick with (unlike drinking green smoothies, being vegan, blogging about being vegan, denouncing consumerism, blogging about denouncing consumerism, using structured homeschool curriculum, gardening, creating detailed chore charts for the kids...)

I'm no quitter, I just get bored easily.  There's nothin' wrong with that (or at least that's what I'll keep telling myself).

What is something you've gotten bored with?

(come on, I can't be the only one!)


  1. I like the picture. Beautiful shot!

    I've gotten bored with the lack of color in my life. That is why I am reading your blog! Oh, and I love you!

  2. You two are so cute!

    I routinely take up hobbies I get bored with. There are too many to list, and it's embarrassing.

    The blog looks great, Melissa!